Friday, March 15, 2013


Do you fear that you would be putting so much time and effort into your dream with no guarantees of making it? Do you fear rejection? Do you fear if you follow your dreams your parents/husband or wife wont except it and they will turn their back on you? Do you fear that someone will tell you that you are not good enough? These are normal feelings to have, let me explain how you can control those feelings so they wont end up controlling you. Have you ever spoken to someone to hear them say that they wished they didnt let fear get the best of them and when they had a dream at one time, they wished they didnt let their dream go? They wished they didnt listen to people telling them that they are crazy and to not embark on their dream because they are going to land flat on their face. Whenever i get scared i remember those people and remind myself that i never want to be that person. That person that wished that they could go back in time and choose to not give in to fear and go for their dreams. The next time you are scared and questioning if you should go for it, i want you to think about the people who regret dropping their dream and ask yourself do you want to be that person that now says.....I should have.

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