Thursday, March 14, 2013


Start today! I dont care how small the goal at least it is a step toward achieving your dream. Daydreaming about your dream and not making steps/small goals toward it is insanity. Stop daydreaming and face your reality. Do you sing? Is singing the dream that you want? Then you are a singer right now! Not tommorrow or next week when your life is more in control. Life is unpredictable so you cant put off working toward your dream because your life is not where you want it to be. I am a writer who has had her share of ups and downs but even though it can be tough i still must do something everyday that will help me become the best writer that i know i am capable of. Now here is the tricky part, if your going to give yourself the title of what you want to become you have to put in the work......TODAY! START TODAY DONT PROCRASTINATE! Even if its one very small step toward acheiving your dream. If you are a singer and need to start taking vocal lessons then your main and only focus should be finding lessons not daydreaming about touring with rihanna ...VOCAL LESSONS! Look at your reality for what it is then make small goals and complete them one goal at a time, in the end this will lead you to your dream come true!

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